BBQ Cleaning

Take the Hassle Out of BBQ Cleaning in High Wycombe

The unique flavour of food cooked on a BBQ is one of the true pleasures of the summer months. The downside is the rather tiresome task of the BBQ cleaning after your High Wycombe party. The simple solution is to hand over the job to someone else. And if that someone else has products that allow them to do the job better than you can, and faster too, so much the better!

Attention to Detail and a Systematic Approach

Your barbecue cleaning will start with an inspection of the unit, then everything is cleaned using a step by step approach:

  • BBQ cleaning is best tackled by breaking the cooker down into its smallest removable components, so that’s exactly what your cleaners do.
  • An eco-friendly but highly efficient cleaning solution is sprayed onto the grill.
  • Internal surfaces are cleaned with anti-bacterial sanitising detergent.
  • The outside of the unit is hand cleaned!
  • Once baked on carbon and old food deposits have had time to soften, the grill is scrapped and manually cleaned.
  • Everything is put back together and tested to ensure it’s working correctly.

The Kinds of Grills we Treat

Use our BBQ cleaning service for:

  • Charcoal grills and smokers;
  • Gas grills, hooded grills or hooded barbeque cleaning;
  • Kettle BBQs, spit roasters and even BBQ pits;

Service and Standards Benefits

  • Your service will be completed by qualified and experienced appliance cleaners.
  • Work is completed under insurance and backed by guarantee.
  • Quotes can be obtained 24/7 on our phone support line, or by filling in our contact form.
  • Discounts are available to repeat customers, or anyone who books multiple services for a single appointment.
  • Appointments can be scheduled for any day of the week and you won’t be asked for a deposit to confirm your reservation.
  • BBQ cleaning in High Wycombe can be combined with any other service include extractor cleaning and splashback cleaning.

More Enjoyment, Less Work, and Better Barbecues

  • You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor party without worrying about the heavy cleaning tasks that follow on from it.
  • Professional deep cleansing keeps your cooker hygienic.
  • You’ll eliminate cross contamination of flavours, if for instance you use the same grill for fish on one occasion and meat on another.
  • Gentle but effective degreasing agents will keep the outside of the BBQ looking better for longer.