Extractor Cleaning

Why You Need Extractor Cleaning in High Wycombe

Extractor cleaning in High Wycombe is one of those jobs that’s easy to overlook. If you don’t do it however, your kitchen will be a far less pleasant working environment, as it will fill up with cooking smells and get hotter than it otherwise would. Worse yet, a greased up fan can be a hiding place for germs, or even become a fire risk.

What Happens when You Book this Service

Your cleaners arrive with all the tools and detergents required, this includes a dip tank to soak dirty components in, and eco-friendly degreasing agents to lift stubborn dirt:

  • Extractor cleaning starts with an inspection with the unit in place.
  • The fan is taken apart, and all removed components, including the filter are soaked.
  • Non removable parts are sprayed with cleanser then the body of the unit is scrubbed.
  • Simple maintenance chores such as changing filters or bulbs can be included in your service for a small extra change.
  • Soaked parts are removed from the tank, manually cleaned, rinsed and dried, and your appliance is reassembled and tested.
  • You’ll be invited to inspect the unit when the work is done, just to confirm that you’re happy with the result.

What to Expect After Cleaning

The benefits of extractor cleaning include:

  • More efficient removal of heat, cooking odours and moisture from your kitchen.
  • An extractor that runs under optimal conditions and may have a longer lifespan.
  • A more hygienic cooking space.
  • Reduced fire risk.

Services for Domestic and Commercial Kitchens

  • Homeowners – Getting your extractor cleaned: will make it easier to keep your kitchen cool and comfortable and smelling fresh and inviting.
  • Restaurant owners and managers – Regular appliance cleaning is vital to keep your kitchen at the standards expected by health and hygiene inspectors.
  • Letting agents and landlords – Hygienic and fresh smelling properties command higher rentals, badly cared for appliances could invalidate landlord’s insurance.

How We’ll Help Your Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner

  • Extractor cleaning in High Wycombe is covered by our usual guarantee of an secure and high quality service.
  • Discounts apply when you combine jobs, ask us about fridge cleaning, bbq cleaning or anything else we offer.
  • Work is completed by reference checked, trained and experienced professionals.
  • Get a quote for extractor cleaners anytime, using our 24/7 support line, or by filling in our contact form.
  • Extractor cleansing is available seven days a week, and same day services are possible, subject to availability.