Fridge Cleaning

Impeccable Standards for Fridge Cleaning in High Wycombe

Book fridge cleaners who get right to the back of the unit and cleanse every corner of your appliance. Specialist fridge cleaning in High Wycombe is the best way to get rid of lingering food smells.

How the Work Gets Done

  • Your fridge is inspected, any problems noted, then your technicians dismantle the appliance.
  • Removable shelves and drawers are soaked in an eco-friendly disinfectant.
  • With removable parts out of the way, your cleaners gets to the furthest corners of the unit, everything is cleansed and disinfected.
  • Removed parts are rinsed, dried, and placed back into your clean, dry and polished refrigerator.

And Don’t Forget the Freezer!

Freezer bags split and contents leak. Most neglected freezers have at least a few escaped peas lurking in the depths of the unit. Freezer cleaning is completed in much the same way as fridge cleaning, with just a few additional points:

  • Food is removed and stored in insulated containers while the work is done.
  • The inside of the unit is cleaned manually using a bio-friendly detergent that destroys bacteria, and lifts dirt.
  • Removed parts are cleaned, dried, and the unit is reassembled.
  • Food is replaced, the unit is checked, your technicians will ensure that the freezer is set to get back down to normal temperatures rapidly.

Why Fridge and Freezer Sanitising Matters

  • Keeping your cold storage clean and free of bacteria is an essential part of good kitchen hygiene.
  • Eradicating odours will mean that delicate food flavours are fully preserved.
  • Removing ice build up ensures that appliances function at their maximum efficiency, last longer, and use less energy.

Other Benefits You’ll Gain

  • While completing you freezer and fridge cleaning, your workers will ensure that thermostats are correctly set.
  • Your fridge cleaners will advise you any regular cleaning or checks you should complete.
  • You’ll also get free advice and information on using your cold storage safely and effectively.

Getting the Most From this Service

  • Book fridge cleaning in High Wycombe for your commercial or domestic kitchen, as a stand alone service or alongside something else we offer.
  • oven cleaning and extractor cleaning are popular options to combine with this service.
  • Set up a weekday or weekend appointment, either can be booked via our 24/7 customer support and quotation line.
  • Landlords and property managers will discover that hygienic looking appliances, including fridges makes a rental property more desirable.
  • Your work is completed under insurance and is backed by guarantee.