Hob Cleaning

Fine Quality Hob Cleaning in High Wycombe

Whether gas, induction or ceramic, hobs are both the hardest working part of your kitchen and the most visible. Deep hob cleaning in High Wycombe serves both to keep this appliance in best working order, and ensures that your cooking space looks clean, smart and attractive.

The Right Tools and Approach to the Work

Exactly how your hob cleaning will be completed will depend to some extent on the type of stove top you have. Some things always stay the same:

  • Cleaning will be matched to the specific needs of your appliance.
  • All detergents and degreasing agents used are environmentally-friendly solutions.
  • Your hob cleaners will offer advice regarding the daily care of your stove top using over the counter products.

Gas hobs

  • Rings and grates are removed and set to soak in a degreasing solution.
  • The stove top is cleaned manually.
  • A specifically formulated cleaning agent is applied to the burners to cleanse them without over-saturating them with water.
  • Rings and grates are cleaned by hand then everything is dried, put back together, and tested.

Ceramic and Induction Hobs

  • Dried or baked on food is removed, using a scraper specifically designed to lift dirt from glass or ceramic surfaces without scratching.
  • A degreasing solution is applied to the surface, allowed time to act then wiped away using a microfibre cloth.
  • Your technicians will test the hob before leaving and you’ll be invited to inspect it to confirm that you’re happy with the result.

Benefits of Keeping Hobs and Stove Tops Spotless

  • With no food deposits on the hob there’s no risk of smoking or unpleasant odours during cooking.
  • Hob cleaning will protect your pans so that they stay bright and function to maximum efficiency.
  • Clean gas hobs will burn properly, while ceramic, induction and other electric hobs distribute heat more evenly when clean.

Work Completed at Your Convenience

  • Hob cleaners are available in High Wycombe seven days a week and work in both domestic and commercial kitchens.
  • Book hob cleaning alongside splashback cleaning or aga oven cleaning and you’ll benefit from a multi-service discount.
  • Your work is completed under insurance and is backed by guarantee.
  • Setting up your service is really very simple.
  • As you’d expect, your service is delivered by trained, experienced and insured technicians and is fully guaranteed.