Splashback Cleaning

Treat Your Kitchen to a Splashback Cleaning Service in High Wycombe

Splashback cleaning in High Wycombe is an option that might never cross your mind. Then you see the results that professional cleaners achieve and you’ll wonder why you ever did without it.

Deep Cleansing, Delivered With Care and Attention

Your splashback cleaners arrive with professional quality degreasing products formulated to get rid of all traces of dirt, grease or lime scale:

  • This service is suitable for tiled, glass or inox (stainless steel) splashbacks.
  • Splashback cleaning techniques are adapted according to the material of which your splashback is made.
  • Work can be completed any day of the week and appointments scheduled from early morning right through to the evening.

Matching Cleaning Technique for the Material

Using the right product and technique is essential to get the best possible result without causing damage to fine materials. Your cleaners have a range of professional grade cleaning products to choose from and will select the right preparation and method according to need:

Tiled splashbacks – Dirt grease and bacteria can penetrate grout making it hard to clean using domestic products. Your cleaners will use agents especially designed for the job. Resealing and re-grouting is is also available when the original grout is too damaged or dirty to be returned to a hygienic state.

Stainless steel splashbacks – The challenge here is to remove finger or water marks without scratching the metal. Once again, your cleaners have products formulated for the purpose and are trained to use them to their best effect.

Glass splashbacks – Your cleaners will lift grease, restore shine and return your glass splashback to pristine condition. The right cleaning products and cloths allow them to do this without scratching the glass or leaving streaks.

Insured, Professional Cleaning Backed By Guarantee

  • Your work is completed by trained and experienced cleaners and is both covered by insurance and backed by guarantee.
  • Book this service for your domestic or commercial cleaning!
  • Add splashback cleaning in High Wycombe to hob cleaning or bbq cleaning to pay a discounted rate for your package.
  • Ready to book? Go to our contact page to find out how to get a quote and reserve an appointment.

Why You Need this Service

  • Splashback cleaning takes care of a sometimes overlooked area of kitchen hygiene.
  • You’ll bring extra shine to your cooking space, making it a brighter and more attractive place to work in.